Improve Workforce Productivity

Whilst working away from the office, the last thing field workers want to be doing is spending time collecting data or recording information about their jobs with a pen and paper, they want to be spending more time doing the job itself.

Streamline Workflow

Mobile Scorecard simplifies data collection and allows the user to send reports directly to the office from their mobile device, saving time and money.

Some tasks field service operatives are doing more productively with Mobile Scorecard on their mobile devices include

  • Digitalising repair and maintenance job sheets:
    Mobile Scorecard allows users to record details of the fault and the repair actions carried out, capture photos before and after repair as evidence of job completion and capture customer signatures to document approval.
  • Daily vehicle inspections:
    Most field service operatives are required to inspect their vehicles prior to departure; Mobile Scorecard prompts operatives of all elements that require inspection, allows photo capture of any damage and gathers any information of any faults or problems with the car
  • Real-time job assignment:
    As jobs come in they can be immediately assigned to engineers even whilst on the road. The software knows where users are at all times and therefore can assign jobs to the nearest engineer
  • Mileage calculation:
    Ensure vehicles aren’t making unnecessary journeys or unauthorised stops with mileage calculation and route optimisation.

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